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Monday, March 1, 2021

West Sweeps 8-Man All-Star Games

The West squads won both contests in the 34th Annual 8-Man All-Star Games in Beloit on Saturday morning and afternoon.  In the DII game, the final was 54-28, while the DI game finished with a 36-12 final.

The West took an 8-0 lead in the DII game, scoring on the first drive.  The East followed with a score to cut the lead to 8-6, then scored two more times and led 20-8.  Injuries riddled the East squad, including their starting QB Daiken Stallbaumer of Hanover going down in the 2nd half.  The West used a physical game plan and coupled with the tough breaks for the East, the West outscored them 46-8 the rest of the way for the 54-28 victory.

In the DI contest, the end result was similar.  Each team played a scoreless draw until the 3:02 mark of the 2nd quarter when the East got on the board.  The West answered with six seconds left in the half and got a two-pointer to lead 8-6.  The East then scored on their first drive of the 2nd half, taking a 12-8 lead, but the West would outscore them 28-0 the rest of the way for the 24-point win.

We will have more in-depth recaps of each game posted on Sunday right here at 8manallstars.com.

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