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MCHD With the Latest on COVID-19

Cortney Murrow, Administrator at the Mitchell County Health Department, joined us on our Community Matters segment on Waterside Wakeup on KD Country 94 to update where things are in regards to the rising cases of COVID-19 in North Central Kansas.

As cases rise, there is more talk about schools possibly going to remote learning.  Murrow says the goal is to keep kids in school as long as possible and that there is another reason why a school might consider going remote learning.

Contact tracing is vital to managing the spread of COVID-19 and Murrow explains who would qualify as a close contact.

Murrow goes on to say that with cases on the rise, contact tracing becomes more difficult.

On Wednesday, the Mitchell County Health Department released a statement about a modified quarantine and Murrow explains in greater detail what that means.

So, after all of that, what is Murrow’s advice to you and me?

As of 8 a.m. Thursday morning, November 12th, Murrow tells us there are 37 active cases with 1 hospitalization in Mitchell County.

To hear all of our interview with Mitchell County Health Department Administrator Cortney Murrow, go to our website, www.kdcountry94.com or to our KD Country 94 Facebook page.

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