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Saturday, April 10, 2021

NCK Tech Unveils Mascot & Logo

On Monday afternoon at the NCK Tech student union in Beloit, NCK Tech President Eric Burks and his staff revealed a new mascot and logo for the NCK Tech with campuses in Beloit & Hays.

President Burks tells KD Country 94 & Z96.3 News why the need for a mascot



The new mascot will be the Trailblazers and Burks explains the choice of Trail Blazers for NCK Tech


Along with the new mascot, NCK Tech also revealed main feature of their new logo, which is a bull in the school colors.  President Burks shares the thought process into choosing the bull.

To watch a full video of the NCK Tech mascot and logo reveal, click this link: NCK Tech Mascot Launch

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